Top Neighborhoods for Gated Communities in Nashville, TN

A gated community offers privacy and security you simply don’ get from a non-gated community. Often, these communities are a bit more upscale and offer more amenities compared to some of the other types of communities you can choose from.

Throughout the country, gated communities have become very popular, especially throughout California and Florida. While they aren’t as prevalent throughout Nashville, you can still find the privacy and security you desire.

Plenty of gated communities are found all throughout Nashville, TN. Some of these happen to be the most popular communities you will find. Here’s a look at a few of the top neighborhoods to consider if you want to live in a gated community in Nashville.

The Grove

Found in College Grove, Tennessee, this 1,000-acre community offers a high-end gated community. It’s also a golf course community and offers resort amenities for residents to enjoy. When you shop for a home in The Grove, you’ll be looking at a price range from about $800K up to around $2 million.


A beautiful gated community found in Franklin, TN, Laurelbrooke provides some of the most luxurious homes in the areas. It’s a prestigious community with plenty of home styles all throughout. Laurelbrooke offers homes with private swimming pools and some even have elevators. These are larger homes perfect for those looking to live in one of the top suburbs of Nashville.

Governors Club

A Brentwood community offering custom homes, this gated community is filled with larger homes. It’s not only a gated community, but also a private golf club community with a beautiful country club. Large lots are available for new construction homes and most of the homes in Governors Club offers a large amount of outdoor living space.

Otter Wood

A Nashville community with upscale homes topping the $1 million price mark, buyers will enjoy the privacy they get in Otter Wood. Some of the homes in Otter Wood offer private swimming pools and large amounts of outdoor space.

Fairvue Plantation

Found in Gallatin, TN, Fairvue Plantation offers a wonderful gated community with a series of subdivisions found throughout. This gated community offers 241 total homes with a large range of prices fitting many home buyers’ budgets.

The community provides plenty of options with all types of amenities throughout. It’s a popular spot to call home with the Bledsoe Creek State Park found nearby and highly rated schools serving the area.

Enclave at Carronbridge

Another gated community in Franklin, the Enclave at Carronbridge offers a luxurious community with beautiful custom built homes. The homes were built with plenty of different styles and many are rather exclusive. It’s filled with amenities including a fitness center, tennis courts, clubhouse, and a swimming pool.

When you’re looking for a home for sale in Nashville, a gated community offers a great choice. There are plenty of communities offering privacy and security throughout Nashville. These are just a few of the many gated communities in Nashville to choose from when searching for a new home.

Top Kid-Friendly Restaurants Found Throughout Nashville

Going out to dinner with kids isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Some restaurants are more kid-friendly than others. Here’s a look at the top kid-friendly restaurant options found in Nashville, TN.

Bakersfield – Downtown

A downtown option with plenty to offer for kids, Bakersfield provides a kids menu, high chairs, booster seats and more. There are games found here, such as tic-tac-toe for kids to enjoy and the kids menu includes tacos, quesadillas and more. Of course, there are great cocktails for mom and dad including excellent margaritas.

The Sulter – Melrose

A Melrose choice with plenty to offer those of all ages, The Sulter provides live music, plenty of great choices on the menu, and more. They do have high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu, as well.

Pastaria – Sylvan Park

Maybe one of the best Nashville restaurants for families, Pastaria offers “family hour” from 5pm to 6:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. It’s a great spot in Sylvan Park with high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu. They even donate old crayon to The Crayon initiative.

If you want to enjoy fun outside, Pastaria offers an outdoor area with bocce ball. This is truly a family friendly place everybody can enjoy.

Box Bongo + Bakery – 12 South

A great location with plenty to enjoy, Box Bongo + Bakery is kid-friendly. They don’t have a kids menu, but they do have high chairs and booster seats. They also offer plenty of bakery options and healthy options on the regular menu. There’s a play area with toys and building blocks, as well.

Fenwick’s 300 – Melrose

Another Melrose spot for the entire family, Fenwick’s 300 offers comfort food, such as mac & cheese, burgers, and more. They do have a kids menu, along with high chairs and booster seats. When your family is craving comfort food, this is the spot for you.

Mafiaoza’s – 12 South

The place where you and your kids can play with your food is Mafiaoza’s in 12 South. This unique spot offers the opportunity to get hands-on with pizza throwers and more. It’s an interactive experience that will actually educate you a bit and provide a great dinner. They do have a kids menu here, along with high chairs and booster seats.

Frothy Monkey – 12 South, Downtown, The Nations

With multiple locations, Frothy Monkey offers a kids menu known as the Little Monkeys Menu. It’s filled with great options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Parents can also enjoy a great beer and wine list, along with plenty of options on the regular menu, as well. Frothy Monkey also has high chairs and booster seats.

Burger Up – East Nashville, 12 South

A unique spot with high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu, Burger Up is great for the family. They actually put kid’s menus inside children’s books for a nice little touch. Enjoy sliders, PB&J, grilled cheese, and so much more from the kids menu here.

The Row Kitchen & Pub – Midtown

A good choice for the entire family, The Row offers high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu. They do have live music every night starting at 6pm. This spot serves Southern fair and offers crayons and coloring materials for the little ones to enjoy.

The Pharmacy – East Nashville

An iconic spot well-known in Nashville, The Pharmacy is great for kids and adults. They have a kids menu, along with high chairs and booster seats. You can enjoy an outdoor picnic table and take part in games for all to enjoy, as well. This is the spot for a great burger and they also have an excellent beer garden.

Double Dogs – Hillsboro Village, Sylvan Heights

Offering a kids menu filled with options, high chairs, and booster seats, Double Dogs is a great choice for kids. They actually serve their dishes in a dog bowl and kids tend to love this touch. You will also find puzzles on the kids menu to keep them busy while they wait for their food.

Other great kid-friendly restaurants in Nashville include:

There are several other great kid-friendly restaurants in Nashville. However, if you want to head to one of the best, choose from this list and you won’t be disappointed.

Nashville’s Best Women’s Boutiques for Shopping

Nashville is one of those towns that is known for being great at everything and shopping is no exception. There are some amazing women’s boutiques here where you’ll find everything from designer jeans to the perfect dress for that upcoming event.

You’ll love the local boutique experience that offers something more unique and personalized. Head over to neighborhoods like the Gulch, Green Hills, 12 South, East Nashville, Germantown, Hillsboro Village, and West End when you’re ready to start shopping at the top boutiques in town!

Abednego – 1210 4th Ave N

This first pick is going to be found in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood. The name of it is actually a biblical name but the store is all about modern, chic everything for women. You’ll find everything from beautiful boots to gorgeous throw pillows and more. Pick up a fabulous new outfit for the weekend or find a great gift for a friend like cement coasters or an acacia wood cutting board. You’ll love the inventory and the prices at Abednego.

Lizard Thicket – 2124 Hillsboro Dr

Located in Green Hills, Lizard Thicket is another great option for finding the trends at a great price point. Not only are the prices affordable and items are the latest trends, but you’ll also love how unique everything is here.

There is actually just a limited quantity of each item in order to help everyone feel that they’ve received something more unique and to see that more new things are always coming in stock. They’ve actually got stores all over the states and the staff is known for being involved with community service work.

Check out their website for a section on things that are only $10, $15, or $20 on sale, as well as their new arrivals and clearance section. Get a cute blanket scarf for those chilly days or a positive aura ring to brighten up your week.

MODA Boutique – 2511 12th Avenue South

Over in the 12 South neighborhood is MODA, a women’s apparel and accessories boutique. This boutique is known for being edgy and chic, featuring designer clothing and jewelry that range from casual wear to dressy occasions. Check out their selection of tops, sunglasses, outerwear, and gifts.

Hemline – 4025 Hillsboro Pike #504

In Green Hills of Nashville is the popular store called Hemline, featuring high quality but casual clothing for women. The clothes here are Instagram-worthy with everything from jumpsuits to beachy purses. Get the latest clothing and accessories for women here at Hemline.

Pieces – 500 Madison Street #103

When you need basics that are stylish, Pieces in Germantown has you covered. They tend to bring in pieces that you won’t find everywhere else making the collection of clothing, accessories, and gifts quite eclectic. Check out their collection of “Made in the USA” clothing.

e. Allen – 312 11th Avenue South

Where do you tend to shop for business casual pieces of your wardrobe? The Gulch’s e. Allen is a great option for business casual and personal styling services when you need an extra set of eyes. You’ll find the perfect women’s suit or stylish blouse. Check out dresses that will take you from day to night with the switch of the right pair of shoes and accessories. Shop for outerwear, denim, skirts, shoes, and much more.

UAL – 1814 21st Avenue

For designer finds in Nashville, you can’t g wrong with UAL in either West End of Hillsboro Village. UAL or United Apparel Liquidators is known for having new arrivals showing up weekly and also cutting you a deal as many of the merchandise is from last season or overstock.

Everything is brand new but may be out of season, so plan to buy pieces that work all year or shop for items you’ll use next season. You won’t want to wait to make a purchase as this shop will often sell out of an item. The good news is that this store will let you shop for the whole family and the house all in one stop.

Blush – 606 12th Avenue South

When you want the latest trends, go to Gulch and stop into Blush. Blush is a women’s boutique known for having some of the best trendy items here in Gulch. Prices stay affordable and this store has won the recognition for “Best Local Women’s Clothing Stores” by the Nashville Scene’s annual reader poll.  Shop for dresses, rompers, tops, bottoms, and so much more.

If you’re ready to do some heavy shopping for the ladies in your life, Nashville has you covered. Check out these popular boutiques as soon as you can!

Discover the History of Nashville as a Family

Nashville offers plenty of fun activities for families to enjoy. While the fun doesn’t always need to be paired with learning, it’s important for your children to understand the history of Nashville.

There are plenty of great places you can go as a family for fun and history at the same time. Here are a few of the best options to consider

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

A monument to the Bicentennial Celebration of Tennessee, this historic park offers plenty to learn about. They hold tours on Wednesdays at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm and the tours are free. You can learn all about the history of this park with one of the tours offered here.

The park offers 19 acres of space with plenty of walking to enjoy. There’s a 200-foot granite mate of Tennessee here, a 95-Bell Carillon, the Rivers of Tennessee Fountains, a Pathway of History, and a World War II Monument.

Lotz House Civil War Museum

Another good choice when learning some history about the area is the Lotz House Civil War Museum. This museum offers a look at some of the things that went on during the Civil War. In fact, the floors still have blood stains and there’s a spot where the cannon balls had crashed through the house.

You can take a guided tour any day of the week or just walk around as a family to seek the battlefield and the history of the house.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage: Home of the People’s President

One of the most visited presidential homes in the entire country, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is a top-rated attraction in Nashville. This National Historic Landmark is something you’ll need at least the entire day to see. It contains over 30 historic buildings, more than 1,100 acres of space, waking trials and gardens and so much more.

If you only choose one historic site to see in Nashville, this is the one you should choose. It’s full of surprise around every corner and takes a very good look at the history of Nashville and of Andrew Jackson.

Historic Travelers Rest Plantation

Travelers Rest is a great place to hear the story of the oldest historic home in Nashville. It was built by Judge John Overton back in 1799 and provides plenty of historic stories. It’s a story of the Civil War, Frontier Nashville, and so much more.

Belle Meade Plantation

Back in 1807, the Belle Meade Plantation was started on 250 acres of land with a log cabin. Today, it’s a beautiful Greek Revival Mansion and covers more than 5,400 acres.

As one of the largest private estates in Nashville, there are plenty of historic things to see here. You can see the original cabin, a massive carriage house and so much more. They even offer a complimentary wine tasting for the adults after your guided tour.

The Upper Room Chapel and Museum

A Christian Art Museum with plenty to offer, The Upper Room chapel and Museum offers daily devotional guides with Christian art from the Biblical upper room stories of Pentecost and The Last Supper.

There’s a life size wood carving of The Last Supper and a 9,000 piece stained glass window here to enjoy.

The museum also offers illuminated manuscripts, paintings, and more dating all the way back to the 12th century.

Belmont Mansion

A great way to learn about the history of Nashville as a family is through a visit to the Belmont Mansion. The mansion was completed in 1853 as one of the most unusual homes in the area. The Grand Salon found within is considered to be one of the most elaborate rooms in a residence found in Tennessee.

Along with these many great historic sites and attractions to discover as a family in Nashville, you can also take a historic tour. There are two very popular tours you should consider: Franklin On Foot and Echoes of Nashville.

The Franklin On Foot tour offers a great look at the historic Franklin area including stories about crime, ghosts, history, the Civil War and more. They even have an I Spy game for children to enjoy.

Echoes of Nashville provides another look at history including some of the popular sites, such as the State Capitol, Ryman Auditorium, Riverfront Park, Lower Broadway, and the Hermitage Hotel. Enjoy some of the most unique stories about the history of the city and much more.

When you want to learn about the history of Nashville and teach your children about it, you need to know where to go. These are just some of the major historic attractions you can enjoy as a family in Nashville.

Are You Ready for a Nashville Sunday Funday?

Sunday can be a great day for a funday. If you love to have some fun, head out to brunch, and enjoy a day outside on a patio having a few drinks, Nashville has plenty of options. Here’s a look at a few of the best spots to enjoy when you decide it’s time to have a good Sunday Funday.

East Nashville Sunday Funday Spots

Whether you’re headed to brunch and on to another location or you don’t head out until the afternoon, East Nashville offers plenty of Sunday Funday options.

Marche offers one of the top brunches in the area and it’s a perfect place to kick off your Sunday Funday. Butcher & Bee is another good option for a Sunday brunch.

When it’s time to move to another location in East Nashville to continue the fun, 3 Crow Bar is a good choice. Then, you can head to Village Pub & Beer Garden or The Crying Wolf for happy hour starting around 5pm.

If you make it into the night for your Sunday Funday in East Nashville, you can enjoy fun until 1am at Five Points Pizza’s and Beyond the Edge. Both offer a great choice to finish off your Sunday Funday.

Midtown Sunday Funday Spots

Start your day off right with brunch at Tavern or Hi-Fi Clyde’s. Both offer great choice for the beginning of your Sunday Funday. If you choose Hi-Fi Clyde’s, you can stay all the way until Midnight, which means you don’t’ have to leave at all.

Once brunch is over, you can head to Kung Fu Saloon, Red Door or Rebar for plenty of fun. Rebar has one of the best patios in the area and the patio at Red Door isn’t too shabby either.

The late night spot in Midtown is Broadway Brewhouse. They offer plenty of fun with drink specials all day until 12am. You can also head to Two Boots or Soulshine as other options.

Downtown Sunday Funday Spots

There are plenty of great choices for brunch in the downtown area of Nashville. Start your Sunday Funday off right with The Southern from 10am to 3pm. This brunch spot is one of the best you will find in the city. Another good option is Pinewood Social, which offers plenty of activities and could be the perfect spot for your entire Sunday Funday.

Acme offers a great choice to enjoy starting around 3pm on Sundays. There are three different levels with multiple options throughout the building to enjoy. You can also head over to Robert’s Western World, which always has good music and they stay open until 2am.

When it’s time to initiate a Sunday Funday for you and your group of friends, you need to know where to go. Nashville is filled with great brunch spots, patio hangouts, and late night places for fun. Whether you just need to get it out of your system before working on Monday or you’re on vacation for the week, head to any of the spots on this list for a great Sunday Funday in Nashville.

A Few Unique Things You Can Only Find in Nashville

What is it about Nashville that is so different from any other popular city or even city in Tennessee? Just like everywhere else, there is always something unique found in every city that you won’t find or experience elsewhere. For the Music City, that includes various attractions and experiences that just isn’t found or quite the same in another area. Take a look at a few of the unique things you’ll only find in the great city of Nashville.

The Grand Ole Opry & The Ryman

One of the most obvious attractions that is a Nashville-only attraction is our Grand Ole Opry. Without the Opry and the Ryman, Nashville wouldn’t be what it is today. The two venues have hosted the biggest acts in country music for over 90 years now.

In fact, the Ryman Auditorium is where the country concerts of the Opry were broadcasted and that is what caused the popularity of the country genre. Now you can visit the Ryman stage where people like Elvis and Johnny Cash once performed.

In addition, historical political figures like Theodore Roosevelt and Susan B Anthony once visited this stage. While the Opry and Ryman technically separated in the 70s, you can still visit both of these Nashville-only gems today.

The Country Music Hall of Fame

Speaking of country music, The Country Music Hall of Fame is a unique Nashville attraction that will take into the world of the genre’s history of the biggest names in the industry. You’ll get to see exhibits, view the inductees, learn everything you could want about the genre of country music that our state has become famous for, and dive deeper into the history of country music. Check this one out in downtown Nashville.

The Parthenon

While this attraction is found in Nashville, you’ll feel like you just arrived in Greece after a visit to Centennial Park. Inside the park is a structure called the Parthenon that is a building that resembles ancient Greece. It’s actually a full-scale replica of the Parthenon from Greece that you’ll only find in Nashville and it features s 42-foot-tall sculpture of Athena coated in gold.

The story behind this structure is that was built to be a centerpiece for an Exposition back in the late 1800s that was based on ancient originals, but since it was the only exact replica and it was too expensive to take down, they decided to keep it there and enhance it for a permanent Nashville attraction.

The “Batman” Building

You’ve definitely noticed that our skyline has a building that resembles Batman, haven’t you? This iconic building is the AT&T skyscraper that features two spires to resemble the Batman appearance. It’s actually the tallest building in the state and no other building like it.

Eating the Best Hot Chicken

Lastly, Nashville is not only known for great attractions, but also for their staple hot chicken that is unlike anywhere else. You can actually drive to various hot chicken stops around town to try them all, but Hattie B’s is one of the most popular restaurants to serve it. You’ve had delicious spicy chicken in other places before, but you’ve never had the super-hot chicken from Nashville.

What makes Nashville unique? Along with the people, the atmosphere, and the love of Nashville, these attractions and experiences do.